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Adventures in the Well Known

7 August
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I am the Batgirl (Barbra Gordon from Batman) of Dreamwidth!

My name's Lina and I'm pretty much a geek for video games, comics, etc. I believe in Jehovah God and that Jesus Christ came down from Heaven to save us all. Yet, I know that I'm not perfect. I don't force my beliefs on others, and I don't spread hate because of someone else's beliefs, thoughts, or actions. There's a lot of things going on in my life that I'm sure people probably would look down on, and I think that goes for pretty much everyone (nobody is perfect!). We're not meant to judge one another, and for the people that claim to be Christian and do so, fail to recognize their own flaws. I believe that we're meant to help one another, and that's by our own actions and lives. Again, I'm not a saint, I'm not perfect by any means, but I try my best to be good.

♥ Video Games - I love The Legend of Zelda, Gears of War, Harvest Moon, Super Mario, SKYRIM, God of War, and every other genre out there. I love to fight for survival in the Zombie Apocolypse, blow up people in war, harvest my crops before summer ends, and travel across far lands in search of adventure and treasures!!! Virtually speaking of course. :)

♥ Comics - Batman!! I'm a DC girl at heart, but recently I've gotten into a couple of Marvel series thanks to the awesome productions of the movies! Which leads to...

♥ Movies - I've never been a movie goer. Actually, I don't know anything about movies. Sadly my friends and people I work with usually know not to ask me about them. "HEY! Have you seen--- Oh, wait. Nevermind," is the typical response. Lately though I've been finding joy in going to the theater to watch certain releases. Ok, maybe some of them are DC/Marvel related, but I do love the shoot-em up movies, and dare I admit I love romances too? Sorta. My childhood favorite is the Labyrinth with David Bowie (Jareth!) and I loved The Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio!

♥ MEN - Yum! Ahaha. I love celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr., Leonardo DiCaprio (I never was attracted to him until the Great Gatsby). But you see, it's not [just] the celebrities I love, it's the characters they portray. I love Jay Gatsby! So that also goes for Video Game characters like Leon S. Kennedy (from Resident Evil 2/4). That follows into Comic Book characters like Batman and Logan/Wolverine (Hence why I'm madly in love with Hugh Jackman). I've always been in love with Wolverine since the Animated series from the 90s. Like IN LOVE WITH HIM! *Nervous Laughter*. I always wanted him to end up with Jean Grey, and I found him to be so tragic of a character. So, yeah, I thought they found the perfect match for Wolverine (and Prof. X, but I'm not in love with him!). I tried to not be so geeky here, but I failed. That's why I threw in Gatsby, to feel more normal.

♥ Stationary and Office Supplies! - Yes, like paper. I love collecting journals, types of stationary, pens, highlighters, etc. I love writing a lot. I mostly just write in my journal now. My writing days are back in college and high school. Those were probably my favorite classes though-- creative writing and English. Miss it so much! I love drawing also, but I don't do so much anymore. Again, that was in the past. But I do dream of one day drawing my own comic in the future. Who knows?

♥ Music - I just love relaxing and listening to music a lot. I enjoy listening to anything really. Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Queen, Dance, Techno, Classical, Video Game/Movie Soundtracks, whatever.

I mostly just write about work, life, health, etc. I struggle with my weight. I always manage to lose it, but never maintain it! Work can get stressful. I don't really talk about family because I don't really communicate with them much, except through Facebook. I live on my own in my own little apartment. Nothing really exciting going on. If I sound interesting enough, or boring/simple enough, go ahead and add me! I've been blogging since 2005. If you read this far, thank you!


♥ I will always love and miss you, MJ. ♥
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